Paula Vibert Photography

What time is it

It’s always now

but it’s never the same thing.


Today I see this continuity in me

since the time I remember that I was someone,

a person,  separate from others,

an observer of the world around me.


I continue to see that one, separate and a part of the enormous multitude of events in my life,

and  how I’ve danced around those circumstances, with those



I know today that I have remained that child in wonder

continuously mesmerized with everything.


And I know that it’s thanks to this playful child

that I’m here today

still at it, playing the game.


Sometimes I have no idea what is happening or why it is happening

but I’m still curious to understand, to learn, to study,

trying new endeavours, challenging myself,

staying open to new possibilities

continuing to laugh and to love

all in the name of creativity

giving meaning to something

a feeling

a prayer


or simply for redemption.

Whatever it may be

at the core I know

I’m very much in love with life

in love With my life. What a ride!

It never stops surprising  me.

And I never stop surprising myself.


It’s always now

but it’s never the same thing.



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