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The speedlessness of time

Life flows in rhythms and cycles.  And so do we.

Recently I started  noticing a strong need to seriously rest.

This has been a long and intense journey of change and transformation with all the hard work, and sometimes the chaotic feeling, of carving a new path.

It’s hard because it’s like learning to speak a new language. Or like walking up the mountain in an epic story of vast proportions. Everything around me has changed. I see it changed. Sometimes it feels like there’s a party going on around me and I’m the last one to arrive. Other times I feel like I have woken up to another reality. And I’m so eager to drink it all and hold nothing back. Eager to connect with what’s outside of myself and allow it to be me too, and expand the spectrum of the possibility of being me.

It can feel chaotic because I’m committing to new projects and this involves a lot of thinking, planning, learning, creating, studying, expanding my mind and my vision in new directions. It also  involves taking action, setting goals and inevitably making mistakes and meeting obstacles. Frustration, disappointment,  impatience, at times fatigue and hopelessness are also part of the terms and conditions of the agreement I signed up with Life. Except that this time I signed up for the Premium Version of Life.

Why is it the Premium Version? Because it comes with more self-love, more patience, more compassion, more trust, more kindness, more empathy, more acceptance, renewed sense of humour, a set of new eyes, new ears and a new, softer kind of skin.

It has been a stretch in many directions. I need to stop and breathe.

This means that it’s time to celebrate the journey so far and its abundance; it’s time to slow down the pace so that my new life can grow strong and ripen. It’s time for integration.

Sometimes it feels like I’m on a ship. I know I can only go as fast as it goes. No matter how fast I can run on the deck, I cannot make the ship go faster.

So, I’m going to let myself be carried to the other side and sync myself to the speedlessness of time.







One thought on “The speedlessness of time

  1. Carol says:

    Oh it does my heart good to read these words today from you my dear and wise friend! I’m celebrating my journey too … the abundance, the ripening, the integration … and the synchronicity of our friendship that has your heart speaking today words that I am so opening to hearing! Loving thoughts to you now and always … XO Carol

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