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The Great Mother

These are the people I absolutely love and appreciate:

The men and the women who can look at life and see beyond the superficial and transitory, beyond fame and riches, beyond their own interests, beliefs and convictions

People who have time for others

Who are introspective, who ponder and question

Who think of the wellbeing of another without taking sides

Who are curious about life at its rawer and confronting state

Who radiate softness and yet are solid and grounded to love and hold another like the most precious thing

Who encourage and trust others to be who they are and cheer for them when they need encouragement

Who are confident in themselves, strong and spacious to embrace the vulnerability of another

Who have suffered, who know suffering and who are grand enough to understand the suffering of others without judging them

Who willingly hold someone else’s pain  and reassure them they are not alone

Who can laugh and tell a good joke

Who give it all  and ultimately enjoy the ups and downs of the ride

Who take things as they come and stay on the game after the defeats

Who can rise up from the dust and kick the ball again

Who feel connected to the source of life and to the end of life

Who know that nothing is too important, that we are the actors of our own plays

Who understand that we are the beginning and the end

Like the the alpha and the omega


Who know that we are nothing more than the transitory continuity of something called life.


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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh. Yes!

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