Paula Vibert Photography


When I travelled to India in 2009, my desire was to lose myself in that ancient culture. A solo trip for one month. I loved it!

When I went back, in 2016, much had changed in my life. My intention was to practice one simple art – seeing through the eye of a camera  – as part of my healing and grieving journey.

Six months before, I had fallen in love with photography and with what it involved:  connecting with people differently, composing pictures,  imagining, staying open to the every day and responding to the unexpected.

Through seeing with more attention, I became more intensely aware of the richness of life around me, always pulsating, right before my eyes.  The more I put my focus outside of myself, the deeper my experience of being was. I felt like I was expanding. I could see that the world outside myself was an integral part of the world inside myself.   I felt I was growing from the inside out and the from the outside in.

A sense of lightness started enveloping me and I felt I was being lifted up by a deep feeling of joy.

Like being passionately in love.

Passion is beyond reason. At a visceral level, it’s a strong creative impulse; it’s being curious, asking what if? why not?  or seeing mystery, adventure or freedom.

Ultimately, I’m living my life with my feet grounded in death and still passionate about the world. I do photography because I have no other choice. It’s the path I’m being drawn to and which I cannot resist.

I’ve surrendered to the current of this river

letting myself being taken

being danced

being loved

alive beyond death.






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