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Some people say

this is a lot of work

that is a lot of work

why bother?

But what is not a lot of work?


Going on holidays is a lot of work

doing nothing is a lot of work

pleasure seeking is a lot of work


What is that easier life like?


For those that don’t want to have a lot of work in life

death is probably the best career

and the only outcome


The truth is

life is getting more and more interesting

the world is getting bigger and bigger

offering wider and vaster possibilities and opportunities


Why not if you can?


Or is existence itself a lot of work and no pay?

Too frightening or too boring to even want to wake up to?


Or are you willing to risk and do

something you’ve never done before

that is good for you

and good for others

something that will lighten  your eyes

soften your heart

and strengthen your courage

to live



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