Private Support

  • Is your family experiencing conflicts on a regular basis?
  • Do you have a “problem child,” or other close relative, struggling with endless troubles?
  • Are you feeling guilty, emotionally manipulated, or like a failure as a parent?
  • Are you grieving the loss of a loved one or struggling the loss of your own life as you knew it (due to stroke, illness or accident)?
  • Are you feeling exhausted, with no time for yourself to rest and do the things you love doing?
  • Do you feel deep down a sense of lack or incompleteness and you are tired of searching around to find completeness outside of yourself?

I work with women and mothers, men and fathers, teenagers, daughters and sons – as individuals, and as part of a connected family.

Our work is multi-layered and holistic, supporting the growth and transformation of self-realizing individuals, and creating greater communication and effective conflict resolution as a harmonious family.

I offer support and a path to creative solutions during a specific time of crisis, or to shift chronic conflicts that have been dragging on for a long time. I help people who long for happiness and are determined to find a lasting path to harmony, away from the blame/shame see-saw.

In our work together, you will…

  • gain objectivity and clarity about the core issues at the source of your (or your family’s) challenges
  • learn to distance yourself from your problems, so that you separate facts from emotions, judgments and criticisms
  • discover how to take apart the different layers of problems and confusion so that you can clear your mind, remove emotional clutter and negative beliefs that are preventing you from seeing beyond the problem
  • become skilfull at organizing your thoughts and identifying your needs so that you can express yourself clearly, ask for what you want fearlessly
  • learn how to become a creative problem-solver so that you can find the solutions that are a win-win for everyone involved
  • know how to truly listen so that you can gain a different perspective about other people’s needs and challenges, allowing you to become more relaxed and trusting – and ultimately more compassionate with yourself and others
  • accept that conflicts are a positive part of life’s journey, and gain the courage to embrace them as a source of growth for you and your loved ones

This profound work is all-encompassing because it can involve all the layers of the being – physical, mental/emotional, transpersonal, spiritual. Problems can be personal, work, or family related.  In conflict-resolution and problem-solving, often we lack all the tools necessary to help us deal with them in an effective way. Sometimes we are stuck in certain patterns of behavior and attitudes that prevent us from seeing beyond the surface of the challenges.

Our work may incorporate any of the following components:

  1. Physical/Health – Do you suffer from insomnia? Are you feeling anxious, indifferent, low on energy? Do you have aches and pains? Do you have weight problems?
  2. Passions and Purpose – is your work working for you? Does it fulfill you as a human being? Perhaps you are feeling the burden of too much responsibility. Perhaps you are working as a sacrifice, and you feel your work controls you and your life. Are you afraid that your dreams will never come true?
  3. Conflict Resolution/ Creative problem-solving –  have you lost hope? Are you on the verge of giving up? Have you tried so hard to solve a problem and things just get worse? Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed?
  4. Communication with Self and Others – Are you struggling to make yourself heard and understood? Do you feel that you are being treated with unfairness or judged? Are you feeling angry and alone in your struggles and you can’t express your true feelings?
  5. Pain and Stress Management – do you feel your life is spinning out of control with so much to do? Are you feeling overwhelmed, reactive and irritable?
  6. Spiritual Dimension of Being – Are you feeling like a total failure and ashamed? Has your life lost meaning to you? Are you feeling lost and despondent in the day-to-day busyness? Do you long to find meaning and joy in your life? Are you going through loss, divorce, or death of a loved one?

I work with families in a variety of structures depending on their needs. We typically meet for several months, including both one-on-one sessions and group sessions. After our initial assessment, I will design a program that is right for you or your family’s situation.

My work with fathers, mothers, sons and daughters reveals that some of the problems they are facing are connected to deeper problems rooted in other family members and that each member needs to be heard, understood, express their grievances, resentments, and resistances. They need to feel safe to talk and be truly heard. This work demonstrates to them that they can support each other walking their different paths in life as individuals and as a part of the family.

During a first phase, I work separately with each member involved in the conflict to have a clear understanding of what is not working. Then, each member will be introduced to a new way of looking at the problem and their feelings about it. I help them see the problems from a different perspective, so that they can better identify the roots of their struggles, find within themselves various possible solutions. They learn  a new language of communication that is non-violent and non-accusatory. They learn to see what are the struggles that lie behind their emotions and how to manage them effectively. Lastly they learn how to speak clearly in an objective way so they can be heard and understood.

During a second phase, the members of the family practice these new communication skills in a group setting. They learn to express their real thoughts, feelings and needs in an atmosphere of trust and safety, in the family circle, at work, in the world.

I support young adults who are

  • feeling lost
  • stressed and under pressure
  • with no sense of direction

I support mothers and fathers who are

  • struggling with their children’s school or work troubles
  • experiencing family conflicts and unresolved issues
  • afraid that their child is on the wrong path
  • exhausted from tried so hard to help financially or emotionally with no result
  • longing for harmony and peace in their family

I support mothers and fathers who lost a son or a daughter and are grieving deeply.

I support women and men who are going through a divorce.

I support women in their own and unique journey, who wish to

  • create a healthy relationship with themselves and others
  • who are grieving, feeling depressed, unhealthy, confused, tired, hopeless
  • who simply desire to find more meaning and purpose in their lives
  • reclaim their joy and energy

I support people who long to

  • accept who they truly are with all their imperfections
  • live joyous, fulfilling, and exciting lives
  • feel peace and serenity
  • embrace life with a sense of responsibility and authority over their lives
  • respect their deeper sense of identity and uniqueness
  • be aligned with their soul

I will work with you to

  • help you identify your goals and dreams
  • teach you how to look at your struggles from a detached and objective point of view
  • help you take apart the different aspects of your issues
  • guide you to find within yourself both the root problem and the solution to your struggles  so that help you find your false core beliefs, or distorted views
  • help you rebuild your sense of identity and authentic self
  • money management and creative problem solving
  • boundaries setting and personal responsibility
  • clear and non confrontational communication
  • greater physical well being and emotional strength
  • identify and remove false beliefs about self and others
  • job search
  • identify and design next action steps
  • build the path to personal development and the bridges to healthy relationships
  • the impact of addictive behaviours on family life, or long-standing blockages to communication, rejection, blame and aggressive behaviours.  

You always know when things feel right or wrong. Emotions are the way your body has to express itself. Gut feeling, butterflies in your belly, pressure in your heart, accelerated breathing, pains, tension or a sense of well being, softness, openness, joy are some of the sensations we experience through the day as a response to life surrounding you. Beyond words and through body sensations, your body always speak the truth. Anxiety, depression, sadness,  frustration can be indicators of persistent problems and chronic conflicts.

Often times, anger is the first sign that there is a problem. Reacting in anger is a common response. You’ve probably been through that. You might contain your anger, pretend there is no problem, or you explode. When you react in anger, chances are the problem will still persist or it may even get worse.

Anger, shame, blame and other emotions cannot be ignored. They need to be addressed as an entryway to the  language of the body and its truth, beyond right or wrong.  Emotions can be powerful guides in the process of finding your real needs so that you can find con concrete solutions  to concrete problems. This can be  the starting point to creating a harmonious and fulfilling life for yourself and your family.

If you are a mother:

At times it may feel that the more you try, the worst things get and now you’re afraid of making things worse. You’re on the edge of giving up and you carry this sorrow inside and many questions and more fears – what kind of mother am I to have raised this child with so many problems? Will my son go down the path  of drugs, like many others who felt lost and insecure? Have I failed?

If you are a father:

You  want to help your child but your help keeps backfiring. You feel at times ‘under fire’ with accusations, blame and  criticisms and you feel an inadequate parent.

If you are a spouse:

The relationship with your spouse has become tense and distant, or with many ups and downs.  You feel submerged by all your  fears, anxious and tired. You blame your partner. You feel guilty. The pattern in the family has become one of avoiding each other.

If you are a son or a daughter:

You don’t feel heard nor understood. You feel under constant pressure to act one way or another, you are confused, you feel guilty because you know you’re not meeting your parents’ expectations. You feel insecure about your future, you’re shy and don’t feel that you fit in the ‘model’ your parents aspire for you. You feel stuck, anxious, apathetic, and sometimes very angry. You avoid your parents because you’re tired of the same old, criticising and ‘nagging’. You feel like a  failure and that you are a disappointment for your parents. You feel there must be something wrong with you and this contributes to your feeling depressed and lost.

If you can relate to any of these situations, if you believe it’s still possible to create a better future for yourself and your family, click below to get started.