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  1. mcgrath66 says:

    This was so intriguing to me! I had to look and look to understand what I was seeing. What was it the two hands, big and little, were holding onto? I thought at first it was a thick stick they were using to push open an attic door. It took a while to realize it was a metal handrail. I kept getting distracted by the little girl’s exceptionally frilly top. She obviously had to be the princess.Then I thought of the stories of a princess in a tower. But this princess doesn’t look as if she’s being forced there, she looks interested, curious. The older arm didn’t look like that of a bully or a “wicked witch” (despite what looks like black nail polish!) I noticed how narrow those metal stairs were. The last time I saw stairs like that were in a lighthouse, they don’t look like attic stairs. People store things in attics and you’d have to be able to carry things up the stairs to store … not easy with such a narrow entrance and hazardous stairs. The “princess” is trusting. The bigger arm is attached to a bigger person who could catch the princess if she slips (though she doesn’t look like the kind of person who would slip. She looks like she’s paying attention.) Many years ago I dreamed about a very special man, not someone I’d ever met in reality. When I woke up and looked over on my pillow and he wasn’t there I burst into tears. I kept bursting into tears all day that day. I knew he was real, somewhere. I wailed to a friend, “How will I ever find him! It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack!” She answered, “Well the first thing you need to do is get rid of THAT analogy!” Between us we decided a better analogy was a lighthouse. The idea is you live your life shining out your most authentic self in every direction. People (or a particular person) who “get” who you are will see that light and be drawn to it. It’s not about good looks, or how much money you have, or your status … it’s about your authenticity, living your truth to the max. So my personal “meaning” of this picture, the story it brings to my mind, is that of a young girl curious and interested to climb to the top of the lighthouse to shine her light out into the world. She has an older mentor who is there in a non-invasive way to support her and help her be safe as she journeys to shine her light out to the world. At this point in my life I’m living the part of the mentor with the young one in my household … 17 years old … not as young in years as the little one in the picture, but young in experience of the Bigger World out there … of both the hazards and the hallelujahs! But then perhaps it’s the person with the bracelet on her arm that is the princess? In this instance she could be guiding the younger generation, or perhaps her younger self ,on the journey of discovery. SOMEONE cared enough to make that frothy, frilly, frivolous frock the little one is wearing!

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