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Changes have been a permanent feature in my life. Some of them have been quite challenging. I’ve learnt to adapt. I have learnt to find creative ways to continue to thrive. I keep seeing farther in the landscape of my inner territory. Its vastness keeps surprising me.

A number of years ago, I was watching myself face the end of my marriage  – and the end of my life and the end of my family as I knew it. I was looking at myself as if I was looking at someone else I was yet to meet – a single woman.

For the first time I was feeling physically and emotionally exhausted.  For the first time, the work that I loved doing and which fired me up, was becoming an energy drain.

I needed a serious break. I toyed with the idea of going on a sabbatical year so that I could rest, reflect and be clear about my new direction.

And that’s what I decided to do. The moment my mind was set, I put all my things in storage, closed my yoga business and let go of my home.

I had become a nomad.

I was ready for my next step:  walking the Camino Trail – a 800 km walk from the Pyrenees mountains in France to the city of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

A new life had started for me.

I was its co-creator.

photo by claude renault



4 thoughts on “Nomad

  1. I watched you make that transition with grace and aplomb.

    1. Paula Vibert says:

      Karen, at times it felt like I was lifting Mount Everest! I’m grateful to have had the support of family and friends who helped me with the endless packing, the cleaning, the moving of a life’s contents and memories into a storage unit. That was an amazingly rich (and challenging) first step. What had seemed like an impossibility became reality. I could not have done it alone.

  2. Maria Guimarães says:

    Gosto de ler o que a Paula escreve. Admiro a força com que enfrenta as adversidades.

    1. Paula Vibert says:

      Maria, fico contente. Obrigada pelo seu comentário. As adversidades, por muito duras que sejam, são também oportunidades. Os meus hábitos enraizados de vida saudável e a minha prática espiritual deram-me tudo o que eu precisava para me apoiarem nos desafios e sustentarem no meu processo de transformação.

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