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I’m  not a feminist

I am a fully emancipated woman

A warrior and a fighter


Self propelled

self reliant

and curious


I am the cat

that came back

And this modern feminism

is not the model I’m looking for

At times it sounds like a mad house of hate

and confusion,

that is empty and ignorant.

First of all, I love men

I absolutely love my father, my four brothers, my once husband, my sons

They gave so much to me

they contributed to the making of who I am

And I love who I am today.

I was raised to respect men.

I continue to grow and learn more about myself

because of their presence in my life.

It’s wonderful to see that my brothers are growing too

No more the boys I used to play with and fight with

but grown men with stable warm families

men who are responsible, caring, intelligent and creative

always funny with rich sense of humour.

I’m not a feminist

I’m more like my brothers,

more like my father and my mother

and all the generations that preceded me

I am simply me

And I like cats

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