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When intense emotional and psychological upheaval is present

be kind to your body

be kind to the nature of your body

allow it to stretch and move

let it breathe in all possibles forms.


Fan your fire

relax and play


let the mess of the circumstances cook for a while

and tenderize


Prevent your mind and body from paralyzing, stagnating and calcifying

Allow it to be shaken by the inner earthquake of your chaos

allow your whole being to feel, touch, digest, integrate,

transform and articulate

all the inevitable changes.


Avoid the temptation to become hostage of your circumstances.

Move and stretch

Let your mind dialogue with your body in the silence of  your breath

and watch yourself grow into the spaces of change

watch yourself wake up to a new reality,


a new world

a new possibility of being in the world


Stronger, refreshed, invigorated,

more patient, inventive, compassionate and loving


more You

With more love

for You


Living with purpose and meaning

Meaning what you say

Meaning what you do

Completely aligned with the present moment

The best place to be

Because my love  it’s the only way to love and live

beyond your wildest dreams

Because my darling the only life  that is worthwhile living is the one

you cannot  fathom

The one that speaks your name











3 thoughts on “Fluid

  1. John Higginbotham says:

    The words, the video are both very moving. Thanks for sharing them in your depths

  2. Sandra Dubout says:

    Hi Paula, I love reading your blog and the song is fabulous.
    Its been awhile but I hope all is well with you .

  3. mcgrath66 says:

    Stunning. It speaks deeply to where I am right now.

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