My name is Paula Vibert and I am a personal growth mentor and family conflict resolution coach.

I empower families and relationships to grow in a harmonious and healthy way so that each individual can thrive, with a sense of safety and trust, and find within themselves their own value, voice and sense of self.

My Mission

My mission is to help people achieve more harmony in their relationships – with themselves, with their family and friends, at work and with life itself – so that they can create healthy families and live more joyous, fulfilling lives. I help clients feel empowered to dream bigger dreams, and to feel confident and energized to make their dreams come true.

I help families communicate with more openness, understanding and acceptance of each others’ differences so that parents and children achieve more depth and intimacy in their relationship. This enables each and everyone to grow as healthy, engaged and thriving human beings.

Ultimately, my mission is to help create a more harmonious and safe society- through inspired, joyful and engaged families.

The Path

In January 2016, I suffered the tragic loss of my son, Michael, at age 26. I lost a teacher, a rich, deep and inspiring soul, who had a great sense of humour, someone who made me laugh, and who was profoundly sensitive and intelligent.

There’s nothing more heart wrenching and final to a mother than to lose a child. It was like I was thrown off a cliff ~ instantly I was a different person. Broken and grieving intensely, I was opened to a deeper dimension of being and awakened to an ultimate presence within me.

The loss of my son changed me forever. It changed my perspective on life too. After his loss, I understood even more deeply the urgency to protect and nourish our families so that the time spent together is rich and enriching, joyful and with no regrets. I saw that we can bring more consciousness to our relationships and not take each other for granted.

The seeds of this path of transformation and awakening were planted many years earlier. I graduated initially with a degree in Law. Later, in 2002, I graduated as a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher. Both my personal yoga practice and my teaching became my passion, and I immersed myself in the path of yoga as a way of life, a way to happiness and self realization.

I lived and worked in Canada for almost 20 years and travelled extensively around the world. I was the founder and director of the Novagaia Yoga and Wellness Centre, where I specialized in pain-relief, anxiety resolution and stress management. For more than five years I was also an assistant teacher at Kripalu School of Yoga professional trainings.

My husband and I also raised three amazing children. Raising a family was an adventure and my children were the center of my life. They were and still are my teachers and my mentors and they inspire me to see things from new and fresh perspectives.

After my son’s death, I started walking through life differently, with greater tenderness and patience, cherishing each moment. My teaching and my orientation started changing in an organic way. Part of my healing journey involved seeing the world through a new lens. In photography I found a new creative outlet which continues to flourish and nourish my creative soul.Clients started asking for my support in a wider context, helping to resolve family conflicts at a deeper level. This led me to expand my work from the individual perspective to working with families as a dynamic whole.

I see my work as a sacred path. It is my mission and my passion. It is also my gift to Michael, honoring his life with my fully committed and engaged life.

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