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A Gift From Heaven

Today, November 5th, I celebrate my son’s birthday.

My gift to him is my new website and photo/blog.

It  feels though that I am the one who is receiving a gift

from heaven

Our souls are intertwined in a continual emerging spiral

From death and grief, a new life is unfolding out of me.

I’ve discovered that the opposite of life is a new life.




4 thoughts on “A Gift From Heaven

  1. Stephen says:

    All the best to you old friend on this day.
    A very lovely website.

    1. Paula Vibert says:

      Thank you Stephen. All the best to you.

  2. Ivy Ingram says:

    What a beautiful gift to your son – and from him to you.
    You have an amazing eye, Paula!
    Much love,

    1. Paula Vibert says:

      Thank you so much Ivy.
      Much love .

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